For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

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Welcome to the Fish Blog & saltwater fishing reports page of TIDE CHASER GUIDE SERVICE & Capt. George Harris. We're looking forward to providing you with the most up to date inshore saltwater fishing reports on the Maine coast as the Maine Striper Fishing season goes forward into 2019!!! You wont find any generic"cut & paste" reports or info here...Just pure fishing!!!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Super Fly Charters: Gearing Up For The Maine Striper Fishing Season and the Spring Herring Run

40+ incher caught & released during the spring Herring run
Beautiful Herring pattern

During the spring herring run thousands upon thousands of Striped Bass will be entering the tidal rivers & bays of Maine to feed on the huge schools of herring. The first Stripers will be "schoolie" sized fish 18-26 inches with larger fish coming shortly after. I am tying some Alewive & Blueback herring flies to "match the hatch". I use many of the new synthetic fibers and flash material when tying these flies, DNA fusion & Slinky fibers work well. I use long, thin stemmed saddle hackles too. Using synthetics & "Hollow Fly" techniques, perfected by noted NJ angler and master fly tier Bob Popovics, I'm able to quickly build a bulky yet sparse herring profile. some lead wire wrapped around the hook shank will help the flie get down in heavy current. I like the Tiemco 600sp or similar hook, they're razor sharp right out of the package & super strong, they wont straighten under the weight of a big fish.
For colors, I tie with a white or gray belly, some light pink, light blue & lavender along the sides topped with olive. finished off with a prominent holographic eye. (For detailed tying instructions click the "Hollow Fleye" link or the link on my "fly tyers bench" to enjoy Steve Farrars expert video presentation. Hollow Fleyes are fun to tie and even more fun to fish...come tie one on with us this season!!!)

8-10 wt rods with 300-450 grain lines will pull these flies down deep to where "biggie" Stripers are usually holding station. We focus on the Herring runs of Muscongus Bay & the many tidal rivers that flow directly into it. The Saint George, Medomak & Damariscotta river all harbor huge runs of "river herring" Come join us this season!!!

Reservations continue to come in for the 2009 Maine Striper fishing season!!!

Call us today to set up a time before prime dates fill. Let's go fishing!!!

Capt. George Harris

Check us out in the the May/June 2009 issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine we're the featured guide service for Maine Saltwater sportfishing (pg. 76) Spring "Hot Spots" section. "Maine is shaking off the cool weather in a big way, which means it's time to enjoy the sun and catch that fish of a lifetime. June is time for huge Stripers and Bluefish on the flats. If that isn't enough, how about throwing a 14wt at busting Bluefin Tuna. Fly Fishing for "football" Bluefins has been getting more and more popular in Maine"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maine Striped Bass & Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters: 2009 Costa Rica Trip Report

As many of you already know...We at Super Fly Charters have been recently blessed with an extended fishing trip that took us down the Pacific coast of Costa Rica fishing for the legendary Sailfish, Roosterfish and Snook that inhabit these storied waters...As one might expect...this trip did not disappoint!!! As a small boat charter captain off the coast of Maine, My goal was to only fish with small boat "Panga captains" that is basically what I consider myself.

Our first three days of fishing brought us to the small fishing village of Playa Herrudura and the "World Class" Los Suenos Resort & Marina. We did two days of offshore fishing for Sails and although the "bite was slow" we raised raised many sails into our spread of teasers and baits, boating several nice Sailfish over the course of two days

The third day was spent chasing the mystical Roosterfish that prowl the surfline of the rocky coast & reefs. We pursued the roosters using a variety of techniques that included fly-fishing, tossing huge poppers with spinning rods and the local standard...pitching livebaits. All methods proved to be successful and extremely exciting!!! Day four had us out with a kayak fishing guide fishing a little to the north out of Punta Leona...this was an amazing way to view the incredible beauty of Costa Rica's jagged and mountainous coastline...While the fishing was not as productive, we were able to view massive Roosterfish as they prowled the reefs below us!!! Check out Kayak Jaco for more info

Moving our base to the South, we landed in the legendary sportfishing port of Quepos. Our goal here was to sample some of the amazing inshore fishing that takes place around the numerous river mouths that empty into the Pacific. After connecting with our fishing guide, Panga Capt. Jeffery Zappata, courtesy of the bartender of Los Pescadores...(the local watering hole)We arranged to meet early the next morning at a spot a stones throw from our hotel room. Admittedly we were a little skeptical about this trip and our skeptism grew after seeing our Captain and mate show up in a rickety pink panga powered by an obviously antique Johnson outboard. Our skeptism quickly evaporated as our mate made one throw of the castnet to secure a healthy supply of we were culling out the baits the water all around us erupted with large fish that were gulping our wounded baitfish...We looked to our capt for instructions on how to catch these monster fish that were crashing baits all around us...he simply fired up the outboard and headed that moment we knew we were in for a treat if we were leaving the carnage unfolding behind us. A 20 min ride brought us to the Boca Rio Parritta(mouth of the parritta river). The very first cast here yielded explosive strikes from a pair of 30+ inch snook that grudgingly came to the boat...Next came a completely different yet familliar strike and line that just melted off the spool as the large Rooster headed for the horizon at warp speed...eventually we gained the line back and brought the rooster to hand for a quick photo...Next came another Rooster that made several drag smoking runs before coming into the boat for the first time, upon seeing the boat, the Rooster dove for the bottom with another scorching run....POW....the four piece Lamiglas rod explodes into shards of splintered graphite...amazingly we stay connected and bring the brute to the boat after several more line peeling runs...and so it would go for the rest of this amazing day trip. Roosters & Snook all day long!!!

Now back to Sailfish....Meeting our Captain at the Municipal fishing pier at the gentlemanly hour of 7:00 am we hopped aboard the 28' panga and headed offshore to where a hot sail bite had been the day before...45 miles offshore!!! Within 5 minutes of setting the spread...the right rigger gets hit and it's game on as I feed the big Sailfish and drive home the circle hook as the Sail streaks away with an impressive tailwaking aerial display...15 minutes later the mate leaders the fish and we haul it up on the rail for a grab & grin photo op...we raised numerous more sails into our spread boating one more...the hightlight of the day was seeing an enormous Black Marlin crash repeatedly into our baits...although we did not hook this behomoth(thankfully) it was just amazing to see!!!

While we were in Costa Rica we got to test out Some TUFF STUFF flourocarbon leader material...While Tuff Stuff is not at all new to the world of Sportfishing, it was new to us at Super Fly Charters and we were very excited to test this product. We were able to test 40, 30 and 20 pound class leader. The first thing that I noticed was it's suppleness...which is very important when cinching knots down tight and allowing for a free swimming lure, fly or live bait. Now to the real world test...Fishing for Sailfish requires an incredibly strong and abrasion resistant leader....we pushed this envelope by starting out with 30# test flouro leader...The first bite came very quickly and we had a Sail engulf a naked ballyhoo that was rigged with a circle hook after a quick drop back we hung the sailfish and it was game on....a 30 minute battle ensued complete with many head shaking jumps that we were sure would chafe the through the leader...boy were we wrong!!! the sail came to the mates hand with very little leader abrasion....ok, this is cool we we bump up to 40# leaders and wait for the next bite, which was slow in coming...bang, game on again!!! We're hooked up tight to another BIG Sail that makes a 200 yard line blistering run and then settles down for the slugfest...right away we can tell that this fight is different and the mate suspects that the fish is tail wrapped....ok, goodbye sailfish we think...wrong again...We get the big Sail close and the mats suspicions are confirmed...tailwrap indeed!!!Ok the leader comes into the rod tip and the mate gently leaders the fish, unwraps its tail and swings it around to grab the bill to pop the hook out...after reviving the fish we inspect the leader only to find minimal abrasion damage. I certainly would not reccomend that you fish for sails with such light leader, however I was VERY impressed on how well TUFF STUFF held up to the abuse...Inshore tests proved to be very similliar when fishing around rocks and surf for Roosterfish & Snook...We'd catch several raspy jawed Snook before even thinking about retying....To me this is the only kind of testing that will convince me of a products durabilty and quality. I'm happy to Report that TUFF STUFF easily passed the test!!! Learn more about TUFF STUFF by clicking this link

In addition to the 8 amazing days of charter fishing we did while in Costa Rica...we were also able to travel around and sample some of the amazing local food and culture...meeting many interesting and hard working people...We also made a side trip to the carribean side for a whitewater rafting trip on the amazingly beautiful Pacuare river, one of the top five rivers in the world for whitewater rafting... visit Exploradores Outdoors for more info.
Please feel free to contact me for any info on all the local Panga Captains/Guides that we fished with.

Reservations continue to come in for this season and we hope to fish with you all again this year...please contact us to reserve your date!!!

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