For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

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Welcome to the Fish Blog & saltwater fishing reports page of TIDE CHASER GUIDE SERVICE & Capt. George Harris. We're looking forward to providing you with the most up to date inshore saltwater fishing reports on the Maine coast as the Maine Striper Fishing season goes forward into 2019!!! You wont find any generic"cut & paste" reports or info here...Just pure fishing!!!

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We operate our fishing TRIPS in the Mid-Coast region of Maine, from Casco Bay to Penobscot Bay. This area features an astonishing 1000 miles of jagged, pristine coastline. We focus our efforts on the broad reach of the lower Kennebec river estuary & the outer boundaries of Casco Bay...with its countless thousands of acres of untouched saltwater flats, gnarly tides that rip over rocky structure and an intricate maze of backcountry channels, It's a fly & light tackle fishermans nirvana. On any given day we can be found fishing sandy beaches, ocean front ledges, coastal tide marshes or shallow hard bottom flats. Wherever the fish are!!! Whether it's on the fly...pitching plugs or live lining frisky live baits we've got you covered check out our website for all of our trip offerings...and stay tuned for some new trips options for 2019

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Maine Striper fishing report 6/29/08

This morning I had the pleasure of guiding Brian Tebben, Executive Chef of the Royal River Grillhouse restaurant located in Yarmouth, Maine.
Despite heavy fog & an easterly weather pattern we decided to give it a go anyhow. After splashing the boat and heading upstream with a flooding tide at our backs...we came to a stop on a shallow flat that I have been frequently finding feeding Bass. Right away we noticed large V-wakes and splashes indicating stripers on the feed. Despite Brian's accurate casts, we'd see the Striper turn & charge the offering only to quickly turn away before committing to the eat. After 3 days of easterly weather, I was not suprised by our results. It was however, a great way to spend the morning with some new friends.

Capt. George Harris

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maine Striped Bass fishing report

A happy Detective Robert Smith from Texas with his first ever Striped Bass, caught 6/22/08 using a black sluggo on ultra light tackle("Evening Blitz Trip")A "fish story" that is sure to grow by the time he gets home to Texas!!!

Early Morning's & late evening trips have been critical in producing fish for us. As we continue to experience some slower than normal fishing, I have switched gears and instead of stubbornly tossing flies & artificials, have begun using live herring & chunking techniques more commonly used during the heat of mid season. The switch has paid off. While we havn't landed any really big stripers this season, we are still catching. Of course we continue to cast our flies and artificials & pick off fish here & there. The good news is that Big schools of striped Bass have invaded southern Maine...It's just a matter of timing of when they'll come blitzing into Muscongus Bay.
I have made a couple "football" Tuna scouting trips around Monhegan Island...Heavy Fog has hampered my search. The next clear day I plan to spend some time offshore scouting for the early arrival of BFT's

In addition to my Striper/Bluefish/Tuna trips I'll be offering light tackle Cod/Groundfish trips to the ledges off Penobscot & Muscungus Bay which have been covered with codfish and other tasty species. Ask for details!!!

Reservations continue to come in for the 2008 season, call today to set up a time.

Capt. George Harris

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maine Striper fishing report

We've had a run of slow fishing over the last few days...most likely due to the unsettled weather patterns that have been moving through the region. Baitfish of many varieties continue to clog our rivers & bays. Thick schools of Juvie herring have arrived giving the Stripers plenty to forage on. Mackeral have made an early appearance and have been blitzing on schools of micro herring....If only these macks grew to the size of their southern cousins, They're still kinda fun with a 5 wt!!!
Reports from other parts of the State indicate that Maine is off to a slow start...which is consistent with what I have been finding.

Also I've been receiving reports of "Football" Tuna crashing on the surface around the south side of Monhegan Island...I'll try to make my first scouting run of the season this friday if I can get some time off from my Striper Charters.

Reservations continue to come in for the 2008 season...I have limited availability left for July & August. call today to set up a time. I still have plenty of evening blitz trips available!!!

Capt. George Harris

Monday, June 16, 2008

Maine Striper fishing report

All that I can say is...WOW!!! I have never seen that baitfish come in as thick as they are right now. The water is completely black with balls of baitfish of many different varieties. Dense schools of rainbait have moved in over the course of the last week, Mackeral have made an early appearance and are blowing up on bait schools every where(kind of fun on a 5 or 6 weight)Alewives are still dropping out of the rivers in Jaw dropping numbers, add some Juvie herring & a worm "hatch" that should go off around the full moon period(right now!!!)and we have the stage set for some epic fishing conditions. Striped Bass have not shown up in force yet but we have fished pretty amazing surface blitzes. Fishing the right tidal flows and during low light hours has been best. I have been on the water every day this month, day & night, and have seen the ups & downs that guides all along the Maine coast have been experiencing. On "my" stretch of the "Striper Coast" the Bass haven't really settled into thier typical summer patterns so time on the water has been critical. Early mornings and late evening trips have produced best.

Our reservations continue to come in daily. Call today to set up a time!!!Capt.

George Harris

Monday, June 9, 2008

Maine Striped Bass fishing report

Stripers continue to show up in the shallow coves & tidal rivers of Muscongus Bay on a daily basis. The big push of migrating fish is still being slowed down by the colder ocean temps.
Over the past few days we've been finding stripers in most of the usual places as well as some new spots that I typically don't fish early in the season. Huge schools of baitfish continue to supply our Stripers with abundant forage. Bigger fish should start to show up this week.
Flies like the the Half & Half have been our bread and butter and soft plastics like the 5-7 inch slug-go & fin-s fish have been slayers.
We've also been using live bait to put some of the bigger fish in the boat. A live alewive fished under a float has been tough to beat.

Or reservations continue to come in, call us today to set up a time before prime dates fill....dont forget to ask about our nearshore "Football" Bluefin Tuna trips.

Capt. George Harris

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Maine Striper Fishing Report 6/3/08

Baitfish continue to pour into the bays & tidal rivers of coastal Maine. Cool ocean temps have kept the Striper migration to a trickle, but that is about to change. Every day we have seen signs that the run is about to bust wide open. Yesterday afternoon during the ebb tide we witnessed our first blitz of fish of the 2008 season. Hungry Striped Bass were blowing up on schools of river herring making for a very exciting couple of hours of fishing, add to that 65 degree water & a new moon triggering an evening worm hatch and you've got a pretty good fishing scenario. While the fishing is not what it will be in a week or's a great start. I have been in full on fish mode for a few weeks now & have been spending all my time either rigging gear, tying flies or working on the boat. We'll have some new Airflo fly lines to play around with this season & all kinds of new rods, reels & other fun stuff.

Check us out in the May/June 2008 issue of "Fly Fishing in Salt Waters" spring "Hot Spots" section(pg.88)
We're the featured guide service for Maine Striper Fishing!!!

Reservations continue to come in for our Striper & "football" Bluefin Tuna trips!!!
call today to set up a time before prime dates fill.

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Capt. George Harris