For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

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Welcome to the Fish Blog & saltwater fishing reports page of TIDE CHASER GUIDE SERVICE & Capt. George Harris. We're looking forward to providing you with the most up to date inshore saltwater fishing reports on the Maine coast as the Maine Striper Fishing season goes forward into 2019!!! You wont find any generic"cut & paste" reports or info here...Just pure fishing!!!

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We operate our fishing TRIPS in the Mid-Coast region of Maine, from Casco Bay to Penobscot Bay. This area features an astonishing 1000 miles of jagged, pristine coastline. We focus our efforts on the broad reach of the lower Kennebec river estuary & the outer boundaries of Casco Bay...with its countless thousands of acres of untouched saltwater flats, gnarly tides that rip over rocky structure and an intricate maze of backcountry channels, It's a fly & light tackle fishermans nirvana. On any given day we can be found fishing sandy beaches, ocean front ledges, coastal tide marshes or shallow hard bottom flats. Wherever the fish are!!! Whether it's on the fly...pitching plugs or live lining frisky live baits we've got you covered check out our website for all of our trip offerings...and stay tuned for some new trips options for 2019

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kennebec River Striped Bass Report June 27th, 2013

Today was the kind of morning that makes the experienced Striper fisherman smile when the alarm goes off at 2:30am...Checking the weather forecast and seeing nothing but overcast skies and fog is a dream come true...Not exactly chamber of commerce weather but the kind of weather that makes for some of the best slay sessions of the year. My guests for the day were Dewitt & Jane John of Brunswick, Me. who were the lucky winning bidders of a Striped Bass trip Auction that I had donated to Stripers Forever, a conservation group dedicated to the pursuit of making Striped Bass a game fish coast wide. We set the date and met at the Kennebec Tavern Marina at 5am this morning and set off down the river with a ripping outbound tide at or backs...The first flat we drifted was a trial run to work out some of the kinks with casting, retrieving etc. Once we got that out of the way we moved on to the edge of a large sandbar where Dewitt quickly hooked up with the first fish of the day...Moving further downriver we hit another, slightly deeper, flat that was in full on national geographic mode...screaming gulls, dive bombing terns, the whole shebang!!
We would work this spot over for quite some time as we boated fish after fish before the tide slacked and the fish quieted stop produced a few more fish, and the next stop after that produced a nice double header... at this point we were just about done for the day when on the way back to the dock we came across another big school of stripers blitzing in a shallow cove just off the main channel of the river...We boated a few more fish here before throwing in the towel...Another great day on the Kennebec!!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Maine Striper Fishing Report June 23rd, 2013

No Charter yesterday and me not being one of those guides who only is on the water when the phone rings, quickly put a crew together for a morning session. Leaving the dock at 4am we blasted down the Kennebec and out into the open Atlantic where we were greeted by a choppy head sea Even though we were faced with some tough weather that consisted of rolling seas & rain squalls, we were still rewarded with a very nice mixed bag of fish today...The day Started out by loading the livewell with enough mackerel for a striper session(bringing chum helps this process)...While loading the livewell we also dropped jigs with light tackle for some steady cod action...that's right LIGHT TACKLE COD!!! TALK ABOUT FUN!!! Then once had our fill of Cod and enough for a fat sack of fillets we cruised in to some of our very prolific striper spots and began hooking up with a steady stream of slot to 30" class Striped Bass...We have openings in July & August so please give us a call to reserve a tide or two with one of the hardest working guides on the Maine coast!!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maine Striper Fishing Report June 20th, 2013

Short report...This morning I took Gene Wood from NC out, with him were three of his sons...Our first stop was for Macks...I was half asleep when I left the house this morning & forgot my chum block in the bait freezer so it took us few drifts of sporadic activity before we found the mother load and freighted the livewell with prime baits....By reading my previous reports it's not hard to figure out what happens next...Bent rods and high fives as Striper after Striper gobbled up our Macks...the fishing is good please give us a call to take advantage of it.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Maine Saltwater Fishing Reports June 19th, 2013

The last several days in the Kennebec region and adjacent areas have been very good to us!!! A couple of days back I had Matt Libby, owner of the famed Libby Camps an Orvis Endorsed Lodge that has been in his family for 125 years. A bit about Matt Libby, a true Maine woodsman, following in a family tradition that stretches back more than a century: This year marks the 124th year for Libby Camps, located in scenic T8, R9. If you’re not up on your townships and ranges, grab your map. Put your finger on Baxter State Park. Now look above the park’s northern boundary and find Millinocket Lake. That’s where you’ll find Matt Libby … and Libby Camps. Libby has been a guide in the North Maine Woods since he was 18, and has been active in outdoor resource management issues as well, serving three terms as Aroostook County’s representative on the DIF&W’s advisory council. He’s also a board member of the Maine Professional Guides Association. . Matt had never been Striper fishing so I wanted to make sure that I put him on some fish...we started the morning out along the oceanfront where he caught a beautiful Striped Bass that was cruising the whitewater just off the we visited a shallow flat up in the river where we went to work casting flies to blitzing stripers which was a great way to end the day...The following day I had two more legendary Maine guides aboard, Don Kleiner, owner of Maine Outdoors who Also serves as executive director for the Maine Professional Guides Assoc....Joining Don was Master Maine Guide Gary Corson... A little about Gary,2011 Maine Guide Award Winner -"Gary has been one of the very few people in Maine who have made their sole living from guiding for nearly three decades. The motto on his website is 'guiding is my life, not a hobby' is perfectly true. He has guided fisherman, hunters and naturalists in western Maine on the Pierce Pond watershed and in the Upper Aroostook, Upper Penobscot and the Allagash River areas of the North Maine Woods." "Gary can be rightly called the 'father of fall fishing' in Maine. For many years he sought to establish fall fishing opportunities, and in 1995 joined the 'Fishing Initiative Committee' established by the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine where he continued his advocacy. Gary's activities varied from collecting signatures to testifying at the legislature." "Gary has been a leader in the effort to recognize and protect Maine's native and wild brook trout. While others have also contributed to this successful effort, Gary stands out for his time and energy he has put into this initiative. During the 2005 legislative session, a law was passed to establish the native brook trout as Maine's 'heritage fish' and protected those fish in 305 waters in the state where their populations remain unchanged by stocking." Back to fishing ...Don being a Striper Guide himself has caught countless Stripers but Gary was still looking for his first ever...It didn't take long!!! Cruising down the Kennebec headed were came across a school of stripers tearing through a school of river herring...a few casts of the fly rods was all it took and Don & Gary were both tight to feisty Stripers...Mission accomplished!!
That would bring us to today...switching gears from the fly rodding...I took out a group of guys who just wanted to go out and pull on some nice fish...Leaving the dock at 7am we bombed down river and out to some ledges to load the livewell with took us a few drifts but we were soon pulling in full sabiki loads and the livewell was quickly a we ran a short distance to some prime striped bass habitat and went to work...soon everyone was into some rugged stripers...what a week we are having so far!!! stay tuned for more reports


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Maine Striped Bass Fishing Reports & Charters June 16th, 2013

We have the Maine Striper fishery dialed in on all is just a short glimpse of the fishing we had from yesterday.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Maine Striper Fishing Report June 14th, 2013

We have been on quite a roll lately and todays trip would raise the bar even higher...This morning after having a party of 4 decide that they wanted to sleep in rather than fish I reached out to my good friend Ray who has fished many times and we put a game plan together...Hopping aboard the boat before the sun came up we hammered down the Kennebec river and out the into the glass calm Atlantic ocean in search of mackerel to use as live baits...After a lit bit of roaming we had what we needed for the day...With the live well filled with frisky macks we made a short run to a sandy shallow cove bordered by jagged outcropping of rock...the first strike did not take long as a large Striper started zinging out line on my reel as it inhaled my mackerel and the circle hook found a solid purchase right in the corner of the fishes mouth Fish #2 joined us seconds later as the twin to my fish freight trained Ray's poor mackerel into oblivion...The first of many double hookups...we hung around this spot for a bit longer which yielded us several explosive strikes but no fish to the boat so off we went on the hunt. It didnt take long to get back on the fish...Again, my livie was the first one to get drilled by a large Striper & Ray, not wanting to be left out promptly began putting the boots to his own fish!! Many, many more fish stood in line to play tug-o-war with us before both of us agreed that we were content with our effort. What a spectacular morning of fishing!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maine Striper Fishing Report June 12th, 2013 Kennebec River

(Another Super Fly Slay Session For The Record Books)

Whoever said that fishing in the rain is over rated has never had a day of fishing like we had today...The lower Kennebec is absolutely on fire...Birds dive bombing sustained surface feeds and bent rods are what we had to deal with this morning...did I mention that it was also raining?? Today I had Jeremiah Jewell aboard for some light tackle fishing...we hopped aboard the boat at the Kennebec tavern around 5:00am this morning and headed down toward the mouth...At the first stop we were greeted instantly by dozens of stripers cartwheeling through balled up schools of river herring...we had these fish all to ourselves for about 20 minutes until, incredibly, a guy in a flats skiff drove straight through the school of blitzing stripers and immediately the fish went down faster than the Titanic on it's maiden voyage(so much for having a stealthy flats boat gotta love it)Didn't really effect us too badly but I decided to go off and find another spot that we wouldnt have to contend with another boat repeatedly driving circles through the fish. Ran about a 1/2 mile into the fog to another location...this spot was completely covered in blitzing Striped Bass that were smashing river herring on the surface and we went to work on them until we were bored...each spot we visited was the same story, loads of striped bass crashing bait on the surface. This continued until low tide slack. When the tide started to flood we decided to head back to the dock...we didn't make it far before running into several huge flocks of terns dive bombing a shallow flat and underneath them was the motherload of blitzes...this one continued for more than an hour as we boated fish after fish after fish before finally calling it a day with the fish still biting. I can honestly say that I've never been much of a bird chaser because I don't really like fishing in a crowd but on a day like today, when we had the water mostly to ourselves, it was a whole lot of fun. (Video Courtesy Fuzzy Face Productions)


Monday, June 10, 2013

Maine Striper Fishing Report: Kennebec River June 10 ,2013

The Striper striper fishing is off to great start here on the Maine coast. Yesterday morning I had Chris Oliver aboard , each of the last 9-10 years Chris has caught his first Stripers of the year while fishing aboard my boat. This season would not be any different. After loading the boat with gear in the dark we untied the boat and cruised down the Kennebec chasing a ripping outgoing tide...After a quick stop to prospect some bottom structure, we hammered down river to the edge of an expansive hard bottom flat where we could visibly see stripers waking and slurping river herring, It took only one cast to confirm what our eyes were seeing as Chris worked his Ron-z soft plastic a very hungry 29" striper quickly chased it down and demolished it with an explosive strike right at the boat...And so it would go for the rest of the morning...Each flat we visited held very good numbers of "schoolie" stripers that Chris was more than happy to go to work on...At the end of the morning we had boated a respectable 31 stripers up to 30 inches long, 6 of which came on the new Temple Fork Outfitters BVK 6wt flyrod rigged with a 175 grain sinking head line. The rest of the fish came on light tackle spinning gear rigged with a mix of bucktail & soft plastic jigs. Over the next couple of weeks we should continue to see the fishing improve as more migratory fish arrive and settle back into their summer feeding grounds on the coast of Maine.

If you are planning to hit the salt water for Stripers this season....I could think of worse times to go ;-)