For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

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Welcome to the Fish Blog & saltwater fishing reports page of TIDE CHASER GUIDE SERVICE & Capt. George Harris. We're looking forward to providing you with the most up to date inshore saltwater fishing reports on the Maine coast as the Maine Striper Fishing season goes forward into 2019!!! You wont find any generic"cut & paste" reports or info here...Just pure fishing!!!

TIDE CHASER provides friendly, professional guided fly & light tackle fishing trips.
We operate our fishing TRIPS in the Mid-Coast region of Maine, from Casco Bay to Penobscot Bay. This area features an astonishing 1000 miles of jagged, pristine coastline. We focus our efforts on the broad reach of the lower Kennebec river estuary & the outer boundaries of Casco Bay...with its countless thousands of acres of untouched saltwater flats, gnarly tides that rip over rocky structure and an intricate maze of backcountry channels, It's a fly & light tackle fishermans nirvana. On any given day we can be found fishing sandy beaches, ocean front ledges, coastal tide marshes or shallow hard bottom flats. Wherever the fish are!!! Whether it's on the fly...pitching plugs or live lining frisky live baits we've got you covered check out our website for all of our trip offerings...and stay tuned for some new trips options for 2019

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maine Striper Fishing Charters & Reports Kennebec River June 24th, 2014

Enjoy the short video of client Bill Farland using the GLoomis NRX 8wt to put the boots to one of several striped bass that we caught during his recent fly fishing trip with Super Fly Charters!!  We are rolling with multiple boats this season with 2 boats/captains operating Striper/Bluefish/Shark/Groundfish charters out of the Kennebec tavern & Marina in Bath and a third boat is available for small family striper/mackerel/bottom fishing trips in the Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Thomaston, Port Clyde area!! Give us a shout if you want to be a part of this action 207-691-07454

~Capt George

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Maine Striped Bass Fishing Report Kennebec River June 22nd, 2014

(Maine saltwater fishing reports. & charters)
Anglers who have fished with us this past week have enjoyed some great Striper fishing here on Maine's mighty Kennebec river. Schools of Striped Bass have been feeding heavily during both incoming and outgoing tides. Huge patches of both juvie herring & adult river herring have given our stripers plenty to get excited about..flies, bucktail jigs, top water plugs and soft plastic baits like fin-s fish, ronz or sluggo have been great producers as usual. Paddle tail swim baits have been dinomite!!. Our favorite color has been white but we've had success with a variety of colors including black, chartreuse and bubblegum pink...In darker water Rattle trap type lures have worked very well....On the Kennebec... We have special regs in place to help protect our native fish during the spawn. Remember that it's Catch. & Release only, fly or artificial lures only and any lures must only have   one hook...Crushing the barbs down on your hooks is not a bad way to go when fishing over these big schools of stripers...Also remember that the use of bait is prohibited on the Kennebec until July 1st
 Our go to fly for the last two weeks has been an olive over white or all olive clouser...NO FLASH !! This fly has worked time after time... The retrieve speed has been SLOW...
I honestly think that the technique has been more important than the pattern...I can't stress enough that letting that fly settle in the water has been the methodical and work the fly deep like a jig... Don't just strip it in quickly and your catch rate will sky rocket!! Same can be said for skipping Bucktails and slow and METHODICAL with your presentations...The last several days have been really productive even into the mid day hours so a crack of dawn start has not been necessary... I suspect that'll change but for the moment it's based strictly on tidal flow.Outside the river and along the beaches of outer Casco Bay has been a different story... Loads of sandeels and juvie herring are plastered everywhere but not much in the way of numbers of big stripers on them yet.. Even mackerel have been sporadic at best...these current conditions are going to change in a hurry...Soon we'll have nice striper action out along the oceanfront where we'll be targeting the biggest fish of the season!! We have some openings this coming week on both boats and the weather this coming week is going to be spectacular...Please give us a call ASAP to reserve your tides 207-691-0745 or for more info on the trips we offer visit


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Maine Striper Fishing Reports Kennebec River June 18th 2014

The Kennebec region continues to fill in with schoolie striped bass... 
There are likely some monster fish migrating in too and as soon as July 1st rolls around we'll be targeting these big fish with our proven live bait tactics. Water temps are nearly perfect along the oceanfront and nearly all manner of baitfish have arrived..alewives, blueback herring, sand eels, mackerel etc. Yesterday I ran my first trip into outer casco bay as part of a 3 boat striped bass / cod combo trip... we started the morning picking away on stripers in the lower kennebec before Capt John & I ran the Super Fly boats to a grouping of high relief bottom on outer casco bay...we caught a pile of cod using schoolie striper gear..we iced a few for dinner for our guests and released the rest. Capt John has been doing a great job for us and we're thrilled to have him on team "Super Fly" please get in touch with us if you'd like to fish the kennebec region or the pristine outer reaches of casco bay. Our boats are conveniently located at the Kennebec Tavern & marina in Bath. Centrally located, we are An easy drive from the Portland, Boothbay harbor, Camden, Rockport or Rockland areas...give us a call or text to hop on the boat to fish for a tide or two. For more info please visit on the web ~Capt. George

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Maine Striper Fishing Reports June 15th, 2014

We're off to a busy start this season and the stripers have been migrating into the kennebec in good numbers...This past week we've had some bumpy weather and a couple of tough days on the fly but the last few days have been very good to down right spectacular. Both tides are fishing well...Jigs, poppers, soft plastics on light tackle have been like dinomite!!When the fish are not showing we skip jigs off the bottom and find fish with good success...When they are all blitzed up on the surface...we throw the kitchen sink at them!!! We've also had a number of fly anglers on board recently and the go to fly has been either the old standby olive & white clouser minnow or an all olive clouser with no flash... Strippinf the fly slowly and erraticly around the grassflats and marshes will score some fish for you. Capt. John has been doing a great job running the "Super Fly 2" he's going to be a valuable asset for us this summer!! There are lots of cool things happening out there and as usual....WE ARE RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!! Give me a call ASAP to get in the action!!! ~ Capt. George Harris

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Maine Striped Bass Fishing Report June 7th, 2014

This morning I had Chris back aboard for a fly & light tackle trip..
We departed the Kennebec Tavern at 5am and cruised down river to a shallow grass flat...the first cast with the jumpin minnow confirmed the presence of stripers...a good sign!! Chris worked this cove for the last part of the incoming tide before we headed down river for a quick breakfast at Popham beach landmark Percy's store...back on the boat we heard back upriver to fish the outgoing tide under a bright blue sky...we found found fish spread out over the flats & on rocky shoreline rips...The shimano waxwing jigs and Al Gag's whip it jigs were just what the Stripers were looking for. Overall the bite today was fairly slow but we were able to pick off fish here & there using smaller lures. The flats are clearing up nicely with some of them being crystal clear...tons of bait is in the kennebec and small crabs have been marching across the on the Kennebec the fishing is starting to get interesting but we're still waiting for that big push of fish to arrive from the south...Stay tuned because it could happen any day now. 

For more info on Maine Striper fishing or the guided trips that we offer, please call, text or email the Maine Striper Hotline or visit our web page at:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Maine Striper Fishing Report: Kennebec River June 6th, 2014

Yesterday morning I had John & Ashley aboard for a half day trip. We departed the Kennebec tavern around 830am to catch the last of the outgoing & the first of the incoming tide. We covered a lot of water to start the trip with little to show but as the tide started to swing we found what were were looking for. Schoolie Stripers smashing bait on top. Nearly every cast got blasted...Bone colored jumpin minnows walked across the surface were hammered repeatedly and 4" black sluggo on my own hand poured lead head jigs were money!! Areas south of the Kennebec are producing good action too. Casco Bay has produced some quality fish to go along with the school sized fish. There are some huge schools of Striped Bass working there way up the coast right now and it won't be long before they reach coastal Maine in huge numbers. The tidal rivers are plugged with herring  and Reports of mackerel are starting to trickle in...when the bulk of the stripers arrive they will have plenty to eat!! In the meantime get out there and fish...The stripers are here!!! 

If you'd like to book a trip please get in touch ASAP...we have two boats and can accommodate larger parties with additional boats..we have lots of tides still available but they'll disappear fast!!

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