For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745

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Welcome to the Fish Blog & saltwater fishing reports page of TIDE CHASER GUIDE SERVICE & Capt. George Harris. We're looking forward to providing you with the most up to date inshore saltwater fishing reports on the Maine coast as the Maine Striper Fishing season goes forward into 2019!!! You wont find any generic"cut & paste" reports or info here...Just pure fishing!!!

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Maine Saltwater Fishing Report July 31st, 2009

Had another double header on the Kennebec are a couple of pics of our double header from the A.M trip one from the P.M. trip

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Report: July 30th, 2009

I had Dr. George Fjeld and his wife Carol aboard today for a great day of fishing...They say that a picture is worth a thousand words...I'm too tired to write so I'll let these pictures do the talking!!! I'll hopefully have George, Carol & friends aboard again next week

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maine Saltwater Fishing Report: Kennebec River July 29th, 2009 Bailfest!!!

The Kennebec River bailfest continued today!!!

I had Ken Boucher of Cumberland County Glass aboard today along with his brother and friends. Very nice folks who love spending time outdoors....Slaying the stripers was just icing on the cake. It seems like during my last several trips the guys on board have been in a race to see how quickly we can get the skunk off the was no different...just minutes from leaving the dock in Bath...we were locked up with a nice keeper striper...I like it when that happens!!! The next stop took us a couple of drifts to hook up...And then the bite turned on and we boated many more nice fish...The spot we were fishing features an extremely hard running current that washes over a rocky ridge, often times we need to position the boat to drift right through the rocks...well in the process of this we hook a nice striper and as I'm drifting along getting ready lip the striper i hear a loud thunk as my lower unit grazes the ledge and snaps the skeg off my yammie...oh well nothing new here on the Maine coast...A quick stop to see Alex Martins at Bluewater Fabrication on my way home from the ramp and i'm as good as new...sometimes you just have to go into places that the average fishermen wouldn't dare venture....the bite at this ledge tapers off so we scoot off to the next group of ledges (with a slight limp)...we get set up for a drift and as we slide into the of our rods double over with another healthy Striped Bass...we pick this ledge over pretty good landing several more slot sized fish before the tide slacks and we call it a day !!!

If you're looking to fish with us season...please call us soon for available dates!!! We are taking reservations daily.
Capt. George Harris

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Report: Kennebec River July 26th , 2009

Maine Striper Fishing....WOW...The Fish Were Chewin' Holes In The Boat Today!!!
(Photos Capt. George Harris)

Another awesome trip today...I had a group of avid Striper fishermen from Salem, Massachusetts on the boat...And we went on a striped bass witch hunt!!! Dave, Alan, Mark and Al....All great guys and a load of fun to have on the boat. After leaving the dock in Bath, we headed to my first location and immediately got the skunk off the boat...another fish came aboard shortly after....i'm not feeling this location though, I know two quick fish would normally make me think that I might want to hang around for awhile...this morning though, things are looking really fishy so I made a quick decision to head to another location that has really been producing during the right tide phase and I wanted to put these guys on a pile of fish...So i blast off into the fog and drizle...upon arriving we were greeted by the classic scene that Striped Bass fishermen have come to love...diving birds and swirling Stripers...Everything looked just how I had hoped it would...and we have it all to we went to we slide into the rip one of our rods gets nailed and we quickly land the fat striper...then we get nailed again....and again...over and over we get slammed by hungry stripers....Ok...we're really having fun now!!! After several productive drifts, I make a quick cell call to another guide to tell him that the bite is going off!!! A handful of other boats show up after seeing us hooking up doubles...whatever!!!We're happily on fish...Al then hooks another decent fish that screams off into the ripping current...nope, Al is having none of that and quickly puts the screws to his runaway Striper...once he gets the fish to boatside the fish decides to make one last run straight under the boat and POW!!! Al's rod(mine actually)explodes into shards of splintered graphite...he's still stays tight to the fish and we manage to land it anyway...The bite tapers off to one fish per drift, so we make a move to another nearby ledge...I know dumb move...leaving fish to find fish...but this is one of those fishy mornings.. The next ledge is completely covered up in hungry fish and the bite is on...and we have it all to ourselves after leaving the muggers behind. Getting set up for the drift, I tell the guys to get ready as we approach the structure and as if on cue our light spinning rods double over with the weight of hefty slot fish...we boat numerous more fish in a short time near the bottom of the the tide goes does the bite...but hey what a great morning of fishing....I headed back to the dock with some happy anglers that landed many, many stripers between 24 and 35 inches...and another severe case of striper thumbs...

This is what Dr. David Wolf said aboat this trip "Captain George can't control the weather and that is my only complaint about our fishing day! It was a great day fishing with Captain George Harris...on his birthday none-the-less!! George had us on Stripers for the whole trip!
If you are looking for a great fishing guide on the Kennebec River in Maine Captain George is the guy for the job.

Thanks for spending your birthday with us!"

If you're looking to fish with us season...please call us soon for available dates!!! We are taking reservations daily.
Capt. George Harris

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Striped Bass Report Kennebec River, Maine; Super Fly Charters July 23, 2009

7/23/09 Carol & Colin Jackson with their first Maine Striper "double header"...It looks like Mom's fish is slightly bigger...sorry Colin!!!also take a look at Colin's Sturgeon which was carefully and quickly released at boatside.

Another long day on the Kennebec river. Today I had Jeffrey, Carol, Colin and Heath Jackson of Broken Bow, Oklahoma on the boat....A very nice family...and I was very lucky to be able to spend the day with them!!! Colin also did battle with a hefty Sturgeon that took him round and round the boat and made several tarpon like leaps...Colin handled this fish perfectly with his light spinning rod!!! Kennebec River or Jurassic Park???

I also wanted to share this Picture of Tim Jackson of Jack Traps & Crew fishing who we were fishing alongside on the Kennebec today...Tim reeled in this beautiful 40+" Striper and no it wasn't caught on one of his beautifully crafted icefishing traps...congrats Tim!!!

(Photos Capt. George Harris of

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kennebec River Striper Fishing Report; Super Fly Charters: July 22nd, 2009

I had another double header today on Maine's Kennebec River...
trip one featured Andy Kessel from Little Rock, Arkansas and my trusty Sage Xi2 8wt

Andy and a "Micro" Striped Bass caught on the fly...The Smallest fish of the year...By far!!! Kinda cool to see the youngsters joining in(sorry for the crappy Pentax Optio W30 had water on the lens)

Trip One: We left the dock in Bath at the Crack O' Dawn and rocketed downstream on glassy smooth water to an area that has been producing good numbers of fish...I had all that I could do not to stop as we blew past tons of fishy looking water...arriving at our location, the diving gulls are the first sign that something good was going on...the frantic splashes of six inch blueback herring getting smashed was the second sign of good things. It was amazing to watch baitfish flutter along on the surface and then see a striper rise from the depths to blast the helpless bait...Well poor Andy watching all this unfold at the Crack O' Dawn ...couldn't quite make the right cast...and so these feeding Stripers escaped the sting of his fly!!! Not to worry though...Andy would eventually come tight...just not to the gargantuans that were slamming baits at the crack O' dawn.

Trip Two: Featured Scott Macom & Sons from Ocean City, NJ

I'll try to post a report for trip two after dinner!!! Another double header on the Kennebec Tomorrow!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Report: Kennebec River Bath, Maine July 19th 2009

Maine's Kennebec river continues to produce!!!

I had Daryl Larrabee & his daughter Britney aboard the "Super Fly" today for another awesome trip. I'll try to post some details....the days have been long and the fishing good!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Midcoast Maine Saltwater Fishing Reports 2009

If you're looking to fish with us season...please call us soon for available dates!!! We are taking reservations daily.
Capt. George Harris

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Report: Super Fly Charters July 16th, 2009...Striper Thumbs The Sequel!!!


Fished a full day trip with a great group of guys today...The fish of the day was a fat 31 incher...not too bad!!! pretty much a sequel to yesterday's fish bashing trip...nuff said...get out and fish!!!

Fly fishing client Charles Hanley forwarded me some info on the video "Rivers Of A Lost Coast"....Check it out!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Report: Super Fly Charters July 15th, 2009...Striper Thumbs!!!

"Striper Thumbs" sighted on midcoast Maine's Kennebec river!!!

Bill Coppola & Capt. George Harris slaying Stripers today (7/15/09) on Midcoast Maine's Kennebec river

Another Awesome day on the water today for Super Fly Charters...Fishing with Bill Coppola...we departed from the south launch in Bath aboard the "Super Fly II"...At our very first stop we drift over some ledges that are awash in the hard ebbing didn't take but a few seconds before we were into the first of many double hook-ups...nice fat happy Stripers smashing our offerings with reckless abandon!!! One drift...then another...and another we're quickly into a double digit fish count. The action tapers off abit at this location...thats okay though...we can use a little rest so we head off to the next honey hole...well our rest was short lived...the first drift at the new guessed it...another double hook-up!!! Man...i'm starting to think that this might just be a tad bit fun. Several more drifts over this productive bottom result in several more double hook ups...We ended up leaving them biting...something that we usually dont do, but what a great way to end a trip.

After last months epic rains...the coastal rivers are clearing up nicely and the Striped Bass are settling back into there usual mid summer hangouts...dependably feeding during periods of tidal flow...Early morning and "Evening Blitz" trips are working best for shallow water fishing. During the mid day hours we've been bashing stripers that are holding deep in the rips... Bluefish have begun their invasion along the Maine coast and we've had several bite offs in the last couple of days. Over the course of the next 8-10 weeks it seems like half of my bookings are for "football" Bluefin Tuna so we look to see some more fat tuna coming over the rail...We have some new Tuna gear to play with this season...gear that will come in handy when we're targeting the bigger fish...Brand new skiff mount Taco outriggers, penn international 30's & 50' cockpit harpoon for darting fish at boatside And as usual we'll have a full array of fly & light tackle tuna gear to play with...

Can't wait to get back on the water!!! See ya next tide!!!

If you're looking to fish with us season...please call us soon for available dates!!! We are taking reservations daily. Don't forget to ask about our evening blitz trip...It's becoming a guest favorite!!!
Capt. George Harris

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Report: Super Fly Charters; July 12th, 2009...The Fun Continues!!!

Maine Striper Blitzes...Game On!!!

The fun continues!!! (7/12/09)

This morning I had a group of very good anglers from North Carolina aboard the boat. After leaving the south boat launch dock on the Kennebec we headed down river to fish some of the ledges where i've been finding good numbers of fish...We land on fish immediately and have a nice pick of fish for the next hour or so hooking and landing fish on nearly every drift through the rip....all the fish are holding deep in the current down near the bottom and the feed bag is on!!!! As the tide begins to slack the bite tapers off we go in the hunt for big fish. We end up trying several spots that have produced for me lately...not much happening though as we work our way back upriver...As the end of the trip nears, I have a talk with the guys...asking them if they'd like to head back down river to see if we can get located on some fish...everyone agrees...and we blast back down river at full throttle. We get set up on a good drift over a takers. One of the guys on the boat casually asks..."what are all those birds doing over there?"...I pick up my steiner bino's to get a closer look and the magnified image that I see sends a shot of adrenaline through my body....We quickly get our lines in and the rods stowed and quickly race to the unfolding blitz...As we slide up into casting range, we can clearly see busting stripers working underneath the whirling & diving birds...all three anglers cast into the melee...One throwing a topwater the other two throwing swimming plugs. The topwater draws immediate attention and is blasted several times on its way back to the boat but somehow the striper avoids the single treble attached to the tail of the popper. The angler on the bow is cranking the yo-zuri swimmer at a frantic pace when his rod doubles over into a deep on!!! And so it would go for the next half hour as we happily chased birds and busting bass over the flats of the lower Kennebec river...we ended up boating several more nice chunky fish and end the trip with a bang!!! With the guys all agreeing that this was what they came to Maine to see!!! I'm hoping to see these guys again in september.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Maine Striped Bass Fishing Report: Super Fly Charters 7/11/09 St. George River Stripers

Today I had Richard, Penny, Sam & Steve all returning to fish the St. George river flats with me. Check out Penny's chunky 27 incher...this one was lying in 2ft of water!!!

I'll post full trip report after I finish my beer!!!

If you're looking to fish with us season...please call us soon for available dates!!! We are taking reservations daily. Don't forget to ask about our evening blitz trip...It's becoming a guest favorite!!!
Capt. George Harris

Friday, July 10, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Report 7/10/09 Midcoast Maine's Sunshine Stripers!!!

Striper fishing in midcoast Maine!!!

Kimberly Keller & her son Adam with some nice midcoast Maine Stripers caught today 7/10/09...check out Adam and his 37 incher!!!

Here is what Kim said about the trip...."George,
thank you for a fun and productive fishing trip today. Adam couldn't stop talking about how nice you were and how much fun he had. At one point, when you were moving the boat to a new spot, he said to me "This guy is really persistent. He really wants us to catch fish". And that is exactly what we did - catch fish. You are a friendly, experienced guide who really knows his stuff. I will be telling all of my friends about you!!! I already posted his pictures on my facebook and everyone who knows me has commented about the size of Adam's fish. Thank you again. And please email me some pictures."

Thank you!

To me trips like this are the ones that make being a fishing guide fun & rewarding...It seems like we've had lots of these kinda days lately!!!

If you're looking to fish with us season...please call us soon for available dates!!! We are taking reservations daily. Don't forget to ask about our evening blitz trip...It's becoming a guest favorite!!!
Capt. George Harris