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For Reservations Call The Maine Saltwater Fishing Hotline 207-691-0745
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Welcome to the Fish Blog & saltwater fishing reports page of Super Fly Charters & Capt. George Harris. We're looking forward to providing you with the most up to date coastwide inshore saltwater fishing reports on the Maine coast as well as offshore Bluefin Tuna fishing reports as the Maine Striper & "football" Bluefin Tuna Fishing season goes forward into 2014!!! You wont find any generic"cut & paste" reports or info here...Just pure fishing!!!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports Kennebec River June 12, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Charters June 12, 2010

Yesterday, I had Chris Oliver of Knight Marine Service ,located in Rockland, Maine, back aboard. Chris fishes with me several times each season in various locations and has been guided to his first stripers of the year going back the last 7-8 years aboard my boat...this year would be no different. This time out had a great day of fishing on Maine's Kennebec River.
We were on the water by 4:00 am and as we left the south boat launch facility in Bath we were greeted by flat calm conditions and the last part of a ripping outbound tide. A short run from the dock and we spotted whirling gulls and bait fish being blasted by hungry Stripers...It didn't take but a few casts and we were tight to our first Striper of the morning, a fat 25 incher another pass by the ledge gave up a 27 incher then another & another as the action tapered off we decided to head off down river...the next stop produced a couple of fish that were holding deep in the we go again.
As we approach the next stop we see gulls dive bombing the surface of the water and the frantic splashes of herring trying to escape the hungry stripers that were herding them to the surface...This wasn't one of those classic all out 5 acres of busting fish blitz, but rather a mini blitz of maybe a couple dozen stripers having their way with a school of herring. I positioned the boat to slide past the edge of the busting fish and we cast into the the surface feed with our 350 grain lines and our fluffy white 4"-5" herring deceivers that were tied with just a hint of chartreuse angel hair on their flanks. long strips followed by a a short pause proved to be irresistible to the hungry stripers. As the tide turned we boated several more stripers before the fish went down...we continued to work this area for a while and the stripers continued to pop to the surface one fish at a time. It's very exciting to watch a stiper rise up underneath a herring that fluttered on the surface and blast it repeatedly as it tried to gulp it down...
We kept at the fish during the incoming tide picking up one fish here and one fish there. Around noontime we headed upriver to the Kennebec tavern for a quick bite to eat before trying one last fish...Armed with a light spinning rod, it only took one cast with the deadly flat tire shad lure to find a fat 27"er a great way to end an even greater day on the water

Call us if you'd like to join us for a day or two this coming season. We'll be happy help you plan your Maine vacation!!! If fly fishing isn't your worries we're well equipped for light tackle & live bait fishing too!!!

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